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Dunas (Dunes)
If from good springs come good rivers, as the flamencos want, it is equally true that you cannot stop a flood with your bare hands or stem the tide. Also that the wine from Jerez, raised in sunburnt old barrels, nowadays is preserved in containers more in accordance with our time and technologies that frame our daily lives, without losing a bit of its flavour or primitive aroma.
I say this after passionately listening to Dunas music, the last work of guitarist Pepe Justicia, in which one is surprised by both brightness and chromatic perfect interpretations, the execution and on the edge of the most exquisite sensitivity, such as the respectful iconoclasm which the young maestro takes pride, voluntarily settled in the land of wine and horses …
In previous works, one could already guess the sprouts of heterodoxy which now in Dunas reach an unsuspected freedom for some and maybe even difficult to understand for intransigents for they require the model fidelity, with the tenacious obstinacy with which a father shows his friends the similarity with the son he just had. Pepe Justicia has done what the true masters should do with the artistic creation, love his progenitors and then commit parricide, ergo the respectful separation.
After learning, recognition, you have to pull forward and demonstrate that the world has not stopped, that after Montoya and Ricardo and Paco de Lucía there still is place in the sun for those who are able to put their heart to chase dreams, in the middle of the prima and bordón, so it can beat with different strength and simultaneously force the head to work with the serenity provided by the knowledge that, as learned in elementary school of flamenco, doesn´t remove the passion. On this album you will have the opportunity to see it.
Technical sheet: Pepe Justicia (flamenco guitar), JAGalicia (Indian tablas, derbouka, effects and percussion), Joaquín Grilo (pitcher, cajón – drawer, tacones and palmas -heels and clapping), El-Wafir (lute), José Quevedo Bolita (palmas) Henry Kneuer (programming and keyboards).
Titles: Yaiyam / Prince´s field / Rumbita Pa Mi Nena / Junto a Ti – Next to you / Otoño – Autumn / Mi Pilar – My Pilar / Diecinueve Años – Nineteen years / Romance / Tardes de Lluvia – Evenings Rains.